Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Feedback from the DVSA regarding the new test

2 things which have been reported by examiners with regards to the new test.The first is that candidates are taking their eyes off the road for too long when asked to operate one of the controls as part of the show me element questions.To avoid this,make sure you fully understand how all the controls work before starting your test.The other point is that candidates are looking too long at the Sat Nav or alternatively not looking at it at all which is creating problems.My previous post with the official DVSA advice link with regards to using a Sat Nav is helpful with this.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Useful advise from the DVSA

If you have time,spread the course out!

Just because a course uses the words intensive or crash,it doesnt have to be crammed into a couple of days.We always advice where possible to spread the course over a longer period,maybe a couple of weeks.This helps to take the pressure off as well as making the experience that little more enjoyable.Still,sometimes that isn't possible and a full fat crash course is the only way.Remember the courses will include breaks and its important to use these.It can be draining if your driving for 5 or 6 hrs a day so take time out as it will certainly help the learning process.